The Joy Of First Year Piano (Boek met Cd)

The Joy Of First Year Piano (Boek met Cd)
The Joy Of First Year Piano (Boek met Cd)The Joy Of First Year Piano (Boek met Cd)The Joy Of First Year Piano (Boek met Cd)
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Denes Agay
Part of the constantly growing, world-famous Joy Of... series, The Joy Of First-Year Piano is a method with repertory for the beginning pianist by renowned teacher, arranger and musicologist, Denes Agay. This CD edition includes newly-recorded, high-quality performances of the music to be found in the book. These tracks demonstrate how the pieces should sound and, in some cases, provide a piano part with which the student can play along. Under the editorial guidance established by Denes Agay, The Joy Of... series covers a wide variety of musical genres including the classics, folk, jazz, blues, ragtime and children's music. Students and teachers all over the world have welcomed books for their imaginative choice of material, consistent settings and accessible, large-format style. New titles are constantly being added to an already extensive range, ensuring that the series continues as a vital growing treasury of the world's best music.

1. Alexander March
2. Ancient Chinese Song
3. At The Circus
4. Balkan Bagatelle
5. Ballad
6. Ballet Scene
7. Blue Interlude
8. Bluebird
9. Canon
10. Cathedral Bells
11. Cotillion Polka
12. Courting Song
13. Dancing Raindrops
14. Drifting Clouds
15. Dusk And Dawn
16. English Dance
17. Eventide
18. Fanfare
19. Fiddler's Holiday
20. First Serenade
21. Frolic
22. Game Of Tag
23. Good King Wenceslas
24. Greeting From Jamaica
25. Hebrew Melody
26. Hopscotch
27. I Danced With A Mosquito
28. Idyl
29. In The Swing
30. Lightly Row
31. Little Prelude
32. Little Song
33. Love Somebody
34. Lullaby For A French Doll
35. Marian
36. Mazurka
37. Melody
38. Melody With Varied Accompaniments
39. Miniature Sonatina
40. Monastery Echoes
41. Moody Twins
42. Moonlit Pagoda
43. Mysterious Procession
44. Old-world Melody
45. On A Country Lane
46. On A Green Meadow
47. On The Merry Go Round
48. On The Playground
49. Over Hill And Dale
50. Parade
51. Partners In Melody
52. Play Tune
53. Playful Dialogue
54. Pleading Child
55. Promenade [Hyde, Derek]
56. Psalm Without Words
57. Romance
58. Roundelay
59. Sailor's Dance
60. Sally Go 'round
61. Scale Capers
62. Sea Chantey
63. See-saw Sonata
64. Shepherd's Hay
65. Skip To My Lou
66. Song Of The Gondolier
67. Spring Morning
68. Squabble [Wright, Richard]
69. Summer Afternoon
70. The Bagpipers
71. The Birch Tree
72. The Brass Band
73. The Merry Cossacks
74. The Railroad Corral
75. Theme And Variations
76. Three Note Jig
77. Village Fair
78. Whistle-stop Boogie
79. White Sails
80. Wooden-shoe Dance

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